Support for Cape Cod teens struggling with substance use challenges

A place where teens come together with their peers to build the tools, skills and relationships to deal with substance use challenges under the expert guidance of counselors, family therapist, peer mentors with lived experience and certified recovery coaches.

You will find hope and support for your teen and family.

RecoveryBuild is here to help your teen initiate, maintain and sustain their recovery in an atmosphere of safety, empathy, trust, honesty and compassion.

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In this 6-minute video hear from Stephanie Briody (co-founder and CEO), APG Counselor and Peer Mentor, and our Peer Heroes who are on their recovery journeys. Click here to view an expanded 16-minute video that includes more conversation about the risks of the RAMP® to addiction for our youth.

Brains and Behavior:
The RAMP® to Addiction

Understanding the RAMP® to Addiction

The RAMP® to Addiction is narrated by Pat, a young person in recovery, linking everyday behaviors and the brain science of addiction.

Stories of hope and success.

APGs are geared to support youth recovery. The model has evolved from a faith-based, 12- step program for youth, to the comprehensive program in effect today. Research that studied students enrolled in APGs in Houston who were also enrolled in the Archway Recovery High School showed an 85% sobriety rate compared to a 30 % rate for students who did not attend the APG. (Basinger & Edens; Morrison & Bailey, 2011).

Here are real stories from teens and young adults in recovery.

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We’re Here to Help

RecoveryBuild is a community of families growing and healing from the effects of teen substance use and other high-risk behaviors.

PASS Positive Alternative to School Suspension is another BHI program to support teens.