RecoveryBuild APG Cape Cod

The APG is a group of teens who relate to each other and who give and receive encouragement from each other under the guidance of counselors and recovery coaches.

A welcoming and safe space

At RecoveryBuild Alternative Peer Group (APG) teens find a welcoming and safe space where they are heard and supported – a space where they build awareness around their substance use and begin to see its impact on their lives.

RecoveryBuild APG was created by Behavioral Health Innovators in 2018 and has a partnership with Duffy Health Center who provides clinical oversight and staffing support to the APG program.

Under the guidance of counselors, family therapist,  recovery peer mentors and certified recovery coaches, the teens will be able to unbottle underlying feelings and concerns that their substance use often masks.

The teens develop the skills and resilience necessary to grow and create positive change in their lives.

Our Goal is to help teens explore, initiate, maintain and sustain their recovery in an atmosphere of safety, empathy, trust, honesty and compassion.

“I’m so honored to be a mentor at APG. I’m also a mother of young kids. Each week at the APG, I gain knowledge on things that we as parents might not notice that we are doing that affect our children’s everyday lives and the decisions they make. Volunteering at the APG has made me a better parent. At the APG each teen has the chance to be a kid again and no matter what’s going on in the world around them, they get to laugh, play, have a good meal and enjoy themselves. Honestly, sometimes that’s all teenagers need. I couldn’t ask to be part of a better program.”

Learn more about RecoveryBuild APG

In this 16 minute video you’ll hear from Stephanie Briody (co-founder and CEO), APG Counselor and Peer Mentor, and our Peer Heroes who are on their recovery journeys.

Key components to the RecoveryBuild APG

  • Teen Group counseling sessions
  • Parent and Family Support
  • Homework support
  • College and employment support
  • Individual session with counselor
  • Recovery Peer Mentor support
  • Pro-social activities
  • Recovery and skills building meetings
  • Education resource center – treatment decision support

If you are concerned

If you are concerned about a teen but don’t know how to get them help, contact us. 

It’s completely normal for teens (and adults) to resist help for challenges with substance use. 

We can provide support in having difficult conversations. 

Not taking action prolongs the struggle for the teen and their loved ones.

Call or text: 774-487-5227