The Cyclone Model: Understanding addiction, powerlessness, and Recovery

Cyclone Model

“Understanding substance use disorder can be elusive and challenging as we watch our loved ones who are in active addiction and even as we watch them recover from this disease. For family members, so often, very little about our loved one’s behavior during active addiction makes sense.

Once our loved ones begin to recover, there still can be so much about this disease that confuses us. The Cyclone Model of Addiction was developed by Sarah Martinez as a way to help people understand how the body and mind of someone diagnosed with a substance use disorder are affected.

Sarah Martinez, MSW, CAADC received her Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University, where she studied Human Development concentrating in Cognitive Science. After graduation, she worked at Georgetown University Medical Center in a molecular biology laboratory as a neuroscience research assistant. Sarah most recently attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work. She worked at Caron as a Family Counselor from 2012-2020. She is passionate about addiction education and family recovery.” Caron’s Family Services

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